Our Heritage

The Estate has held its close association with Shrewsbury since 1066, and at one time compromised the majority of what is Sundorne and Harlescott giving its name to the area.

Sundorne Castle and Abbey once sat proudly in the centre of the Estate, with another estate structure sitting proudly on the top of Haughmond Hill.

Today only the service part of the Castle remains, however there are many and varied historic properties and landmarks throughout the Estate which continue to link the past to the enjoyment of the present.

Haughmond Abbey

Visit the extensive remains of this Augustinian Abbey, including its abbot’s quarters, refectory, and cloisters.  The substantially surviving chapter house has a frontage richely covered with 12th and 14th century carvings and statues

Haughmond Hill

Visit Haughmond Hill and the viewing point above Queen Elanor’s Bower for fine views of the Severn Valley and Shrewsbury